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Stuck at home? Do this.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I'm writing this during the Coronavirus quarantine of 2020. It's definitely unfortunate that we have all lost our gym, our routine, and (some of us) our motivation. Fortunately, though, this is a great time to change up your routine and do something different with your workouts. Ultimately changing the type of exercise we do will typically lead to more adaptions and results.

This is a great time to work on mobility. Mobility is a form of stretching that trains the joints to go into it's fullest range of motion while using the musculature around it. This mode of exercise is great for increasing functional range of motion which will ultimately increase the efficiency of your big weight lifting movements like squat, dead lift, and overhead press.

This is also a great time to incorporate unilateral movements and split-stance squats. Unilateral movements is basically using one side of your body, for example: single-arm curl. A split stance squat is basically any type of lunge and it falls into the unilateral umbrella. The benefit of using unilateral exercises is that it balances your body. We are full asymmetries. Split-stance squats are especially helpful. You can make them more Glute, Quad, or Hamstring dominant and it has a lot of carry over into squats. If done correctly, most lunge variations increase hip stability and mobility, which enhances those lower body lifts.

Although this is an unfortunate time, excuses are still excuses. If you completely stop training you will regress. But if you take advantage of the situation and implement some mobility or unilateral training, you will most likely be better off than if you were able to keep training in the gym.

I also have an At-Home workout program that doesn't require any equipment and is made for all levels of fitness.

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