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Why do you use a snooze button?

Snoozing your alarm is the worst way you could possibly start your day. When you press snooze your basically tell yourself that you'd prefer to do nothing rather than something. What do you think the result is of that? You go through the rest of the day with a similar attitude, leading to laziness and procrastination.

In order to be in control of your day, you need to start the day with action; not snoozing. Find something that will help you get on your feet as soon as you wake up. What are your core values? Spending time with family? Physical health? Spiritual health? Develop self awareness by diving into your own, personal mission statement. The first thing that you do in the morning should be an action with direction towards your mission statement. It could be coffee, prayer, a workout, visitation with your spouse or family. However you decide to wake up, it needs to be something you enjoy or else it'll be hard to keep up. I start my day 1-2 hours before I need to because I want to spend time drinking coffee and reading.

When it comes to being an effective human, you must take control of your morning and nightly routine. Your morning routine is vital because of the message it sends to the rest of your day. Your nightly routine is vital because it is a time to evaluate your day, plan the next day, and get rest. If you conquer your nightly and morning routines, you will be much more proactive throughout your day.

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