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I have a degree in Exercise Science with a personal training certification from ACSM. My goal is to provide helpful content about health and fitness topics, as well as coach individuals using individualized programs and lifestyle guidance. I have done most of my research on the optimal way of living. I also have had a wide variety of clientele, ranging from fibromyalgia patients to college basketball players.

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My mission is to guide clients into a life of efficient movement patterns and an optimal daily routine.

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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Ethan C

“Reed started training me in late July of 2019. It was agreed that he would train me for a couple of months, in order to give me the knowledge I need to write my own workouts and ensure I’m doing the workouts correctly. It’s obvious to me now why the few times I tried training with heavier weight lifts, I was getting injured. My form needed fixing. Reed taught me proper form for pretty much all of the lifts including, squat, bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, and row. He taught me the dynamic of the movements so not to put stress on certain areas that could likely injure you.
After a couple of weeks of workout sessions I found I was getting stronger and feeling better with my workouts. I wasn’t so accident prone with lifting heavier weights and felt a lot more confident in the gym. Even now, though reed doesn’t have sessions with me anymore, he still offers advice with workout routines when I’m becoming stagnant or with questions I have about form for certain workouts.
I really appreciate the advice and effort Reed puts into his training. His mindset on putting health and happiness before everything says a lot about him as a trainer. It changed my way of thinking so I didn’t focus on just putting more weight on the bar, but actually developing my muscles and treating my body right so it can grow to it’s potential.”

Rachel W

“It is a pleasure and an honor to write a testimonial for Reed Streva. As a student at UL, I took advantage of personal trainer sessions being offered during the spring semester in 2019. Reed was my assigned trainer for the following three months, where we regularly met three times a week for hour long sessions. During these sessions, Reed and I worked on increasing my mobility, range of motion, and strength, as well as mindfulness, and establishing a healthy routine tailored to my capabilities while also setting me up for success in my fitness goals. What I expected to gain from these personal trainer sessions started off as weight loss and a more rigorous sense of discipline towards my lifestyle. Ultimately I gained so much more than my expectations, as Reed showed me that health and strength didn't have to look like what is so often shown in media. The program he created for me was a

 three-tiered approach: first establishing a baseline in terms of my capabilities, then introducing a high-intensity interval component, and finally, weightlifting and self-guided training where he was available to me for any questions while also letting me navigate training on my own so I could continue to experience success in my fitness journey once our sessions were completed. I certainly recommend Reed for anyone who is at any stage during their fitness journey, because his approach can be modified for any skill level.”

Indira K

“I started going to his training from Spring 2019. He has been always very inspiring. His training helped me to be more confident and cautious with my every day life choices. He also helped me, when I was away with his online program. I really admire his sincerity and hope he continues to change people's lives.”

Bhaskar K

“I’ve worked with Reed for a year now and he’s helped me improve form and strength. He has always been helpful and supportive and worked around my injuries. It will be difficult to find someone who can motivate me as much as Reed!”

Ashley S

“Reed was a great trainer and honestly became a great friend. He did more than just training. He helped me understand how important my food intake was to the process and also taught me some ways to be mentally healthy. Even til this day he checks in on how my journey is going. I still use all of his tips he gave me Since working with Reed I have lost 25+ pounds and am keeping it off. Reed doesn’t focus on quick ways to loose weight, he focuses on a overall healthy lifestyle”


“Reed LEADS BY EXAMPLE and he’s taught me about the benefits of physical health and fitness as well as mental spiritual wellness. His workout plans are backed by research and experience. He radiates positivity and encouragement ... and he always tells us to smile during burpees which makes them a bit more enjoyable. Reed rocks”

Zach T

“Reed was my personal trainer during my last semester of college. In just a few months of knowing him, I learned so much about my body and the correct way to train for workouts. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor, and he creates a safe space for everyone, whether they are new to exercise or trying to learn more. I recommend Reed as a personal trainer, and I endorse his skills in interpersonal communication, organization, and fitness. Hire him!”

Ashlin A

“In my experience working with you I’d say that you gave me the stepping stones to have my own fitness journey. I learned not only how to perform the exercises you gave me but why they are important and what they do for my body. Overall it was definitely a learning experience on top of seeing the great results that came from your program!”

Morgan L

“My last two years as a UL student- I had the privilege to have Reed as my GroupX instructor. I would look forward to his classes every week to learn something new about the body and/or mind while having fun. He did a wonderful job at combining muscle, cardio, and flexibility into his workouts while pushing us hard enough to achieve optimum results. Reed connects well with people and has a genuine interest in others' health and well-being. He will give you the tools, knowledge, and motivation to succeed. Without hesitation I would recommend Reed to anyone looking for a personal trainer and/or group instructor.”

Grayson S

“Reed’s knowledge of health and fitness and his care for each and every person he meets is evident in everything he does. He’s got a strong work ethic and is full of integrity and high ambition”

Theresa S

"Reed was one of my student employees, but was also my trainer for about 4 months. After having a mild injury a few years back, I had never gotten back into a routine and realized I had fear of re-injury without guidance. Reed was a pleasure to work with for personal training. The sessions were always changing enough to keep them interested, yet I was able to reach several of my goals and progress in a safe manner. The pace of the session was efficient and made the hour fly by, yet still feel beneficial. He always was incorporating new things he had learned, which was reflective of his desire to stay knowledgeable and current in the ever-changing field of fitness. I would recommend Reed to anyone interested in a trainer that will put your needs first and motivate you to reach your goals."

Mckenzie V.

"Reed started helping me train about a month and a half ago. He started by looking at my diet and letting me know what needed to be changed in order to achieve the goals I wanted. Once the diet was put in place, he gave me a workout routine and helped me to complete them. Once a week, he would call to stay updated on how I was doing as far as diet, weight loss, and my workouts. He was not only encouraging, but made sure that the workouts were not too hard to complete. I would definitely recommend that anybody looking to become more fit and in shape to go talk to Reed for help in achieving their fitness goals!"

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