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Choose Joy

There’s a lot about mental health that can not be controlled, like chronic depression and anxiety. But you are in control of your own outlook of life. You can decide whether to dwell in negative emotions like anger or sadness. If someone cuts you off in traffic and you let it ruin your attitude for the next 5 minutes then you’re CHOOSING to let that past event keep you in an angered state of mind (this also relates the psychological term: fundamental attribution error). You can control your emotions to a certain extent and it’s important to learn how to control those emotions. Success in mental health comes down to one IMPORTANT skill: self-awareness. In the example used about some ass-hole cutting you off in traffic, you have to come to the realization that some random person has had a negative effect on your attitude. Way too many people let things keep them stressed, sad, or angry. Live in the present moment (which is the only part of our life that currently exists). There’s most likely nothing going wrong in the present moment. Look around, is there anything negative happening to you right now? If the answer is no then you should be thankful and appreciate that your life is good. Choose joy.

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